March 18 11:00am Board Meeting prior to lunch
March 18th Speaker
Janet Rancour, HCHHC
March 11th Speaker:
Betty Notto, ACHHC, an initiative to end homelessness in Anoka County, was our speaker.  Headiong Home Anoka Housing Collaborative has a vision that by next year all people facing homelessness in Anoka County will have access to save, decent and affordable housing.
For more information you can contact Betty at 763.220.2324.
MONEY WINNER:  Erik Hegg $3 winner
LARRY CRANE was the table snitch.  If it wasn’t the first time in a decade, it’s a very rare event.
APRIL 29TH we will have a regular meeting at Kendall’s at 12:15pm.  With our New Member Orientation being held during happy hour at the Boulevard on April 18, President Grant made the decision to not hold his customary 5th Monday of the month at a local establishment.
PRESIDENT-ELECT ERIC HEGG is beginning to recruit his officers for 2019-20 Rotary year.  Bob Hylland has agreed to serve the Club as its secretary and Russ Weaver is conserving the treasurer’s role.  There are other opportunities to be part of Eric’s team, including bulletin editor.  If you’re interested in becoming more active in your Club contact Eric.
TIM GADSON has officially joined our Club.  Please introduce yourself to Tim, as we are excited to have him a member of our Club. 
NEW MEMBER ORIENTATION will be Thursday, April 18 at 4:30pm at the BLVD Bar and Grill in Coon Rapids.  Al Hamel will host.  A mutiny nearly erupted when Al proposed a breakfast meeting.  Rotary members objected loudly and forcibly; hence Mr. Hamel quickly changed the gathering time more conducive and customary for beer and wine; instead of bacon and eggs.
ROAD CLEAN-UP DATE has been set for May 11th.   The crew will be fishing for new and unique ditch treasures.  Mark your calendars!
LOAVES & FISHES next event will be Saturday, April 27th from 9am to 3pm.  This date is tentative and may change if the latest report of a snow free zone not occurring until July 4th.
WRITING CONTEST will be held on May 13th.  Which is the Monday following Road Clean-up.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Howard Helgen
July 18
Gretchen Wesche
July 30
Alan Hamel
Therese Hamel
July 7
Annette Ziegler
Mark Ziegler
July 16
Jerry Koch
Sue Koch
July 20
Executives & Directors
Club President
Russell Hampton
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