Gathering Goods for Those in Need
Next Monday (March 25TH) we are going to embark on a new adventure, but we're not leaving the cozy confines of Bunker Hills.  It is something we have not done, at least in recent years.  It's called a pop-up service project and this one will be titled Gathering Goods for Those in Need.
 Over the last 2 weeks, we've learned about homelessness, both locally and around the region.  We've heard about the causes, the impacts and the challenges of serving people who have no home (or go from place to place), deal with mental illness and other chronic health issues, and live each day with so much uncertainty.  The solutions are complicated and the work overwhelming, especially for those who work in the field.  However, it is everyday challenges like these, that everyday Rotarians (like us) can step in and make a difference.  To be inspired and to inspire others.
 On Monday we're going to assemble backpacks that will be distributed to homeless people.  The list of things we're looking for includes backpacks, socks, reading glasses, sweatpants, sweatshirts, re-fillable water bottles, and hotel-size toiletries.  This drive will focus on adults, so keep that in mind when shopping or assembling your items.  After lunch and our usual Rotary fun, we're going to gather up and pack what we have and then make arrangements to deliver it.  You don't have to bring all of these things, but bring what you can.  Search through your closets this weekend and feel good about decluttering and serving others at the same time.  New or gently used (and washed) clothing items (listed above) are acceptable.
 The poet Walt Whitman once said that "the habit of giving only enhances the desire to give."  These are words we can all live by.  Thanks to Khou Yang and Nick Bednarczyk for the inspiration behind this idea.  We hope you will join us on Monday with your stuff in hand.  Thanks! 
Grant Fernelius
Coon Rapids Rotary
Club President (2018-2019)
March 18th Speaker
Janet Rancour, Hennepin County Public Health – Healthcare for Homeless Project, described the work her organization provides to homeless people.  Her organization is funded through grants, and not tax dollars.    This program was established in 1998 and employs about 35 medical professionals in nine locations.  They serve about 13,000 clients annually. 
Many of their clients struggle with mental illness, chemical dependency or a life changing event.  Staff does observe generational problems with some of their clients.  Clients can be raised homeless and continue that way of life through their own adulthood.
Some of their clinics are located in shelters, which is convenient for clients. At the clinic, they provide basic care services including physicals.  Nurse practitioners will refer clients for primary care, mental health and addiction counselors.
Janet Rancour and President Grant
Membership Updates
At the most recent board meeting on Monday, the board approved a request for Honorary Membership from Greg Ovik, who is going into semi-retirement from his CPA practice.  In addition, the board also received a letter from Bobby Keene that he has left the club, effective March 15th.  Bobby joined Rotary on August 1, 1992, while Greg’s active membership began on July 1, 1994 .  We want to thank both Greg and Bobby for their service and other contributions to Coon Rapids Rotary and wish them all the best.
2019 RAPID SAMPLER committee is now forming.  We need a Event Chair or Co-chairs.  If you are interested, please contact Erik Hegg or Grant.
INTERACT CLUB is still forming at the CRHS.  Grant will be leading this effort.
A new membership class, Junior Rotarian, is being considered by the Board.  If have some thoughts about this idea that you’d like to share, contact Grant.
ERIK HEGG attended NC PETS training in Ames, IA.  Erik said it was a good experience and he met the next leaders of several neighboring clubs.
APRIL 29TH we will have a regular meeting at Kendall’s at 12:15pm.  With our New Member Orientation being held during happy hour at the Boulevard on April 18, President Grant made the decision to not hold his customary 5th Monday of the month at a local establishment.
PRESIDENT-ELECT ERIC HEGG is beginning to recruit his officers for 2019-20 Rotary year.  Bob Hyland has agreed to serve the Club as its secretary and Eric is searching for a treasurer.  There are other opportunities to be part of Eric’s team, including bulletin editor.  If you’re interested in becoming more active in your Club contact Eric.
TIM GADSON has officially joined our Club.  Please introduce yourself to Tim, as we are excited to have him a member of our Club. 
NEW MEMBER ORIENTATION will be Thursday, April 18 at 4:30pm at the BLVD Bar and Grill in Coon Rapids.  Al Hamel will host.  A mutiny nearly erupted when Al proposed a breakfast meeting.  Rotary members objected loudly and forcibly; hence Mr. Hamel quickly changed the gathering time more conducive and customary for beer and wine; instead of bacon and eggs.
ROAD CLEAN-UP DATE has been set for May 11th.   The crew will be fishing for new and unique ditch treasures.  Mark your calendars!
LOAVES & FISHES next event will be Saturday, May 18th from 9am to 3pm.  This date is tentative depending on weather.
WRITING CONTEST will be held on May 13th.  Which is the Monday following Road Clean-up.
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